Reata Restaurant

310 Houston St.

Fort Worth

Saturday, October 12, 2019

12:00- 2:30 PM

Each person will pay their own tab at the restaurant. There is a maximum capacity of 22 people.  Visit to view the lunch menu.

Free Parking in Sundance Square Garage 3, located on Third St. between Taylor St. and Throckmorton St. on weekends and weekdays with validation.

Reata's Valet Lane is located on Houston St. between Second and Third Streets.  Houston Street is a one way street and the direction is southbound.

Please complete an RSVP for the Luncheon by going to the RSVP for an Event on the left. Select Luncheon from the drop down and use the exact same name that you used for other RSVP and Tickets.

You may also RSVP by contacting:

Kathryn Daniell Otto by email at or (512)635-1567   
Karan Johnson Quincy by email at or (817)832-0118