A giant Big E thanks to the following class members who are veterans and/or first responders.

Adams, Ric                      US Navy                                           69-75
Berry, Chris                     US Army                                          70-72 

Brown, Mary                   Army Service Agency-translator

Finch (Windish), Pam    Women’s Army Corp                        73-74

Garrett, Josh                  SE Volunteer Fire Dept, Harris Co   77-84
Green, Zach                    Army National Guard        71-77

Hackney, Kenneth          retired military, policeman

Hull, Ricky                      US Navy/Irving Police Dept.           71-79

Ivy, Marvin                     Law Enforcement-DFW Area           40 years

Morton, Sonny                US Navy                                           72-75

Rowland, John               US Marine Corps                              70-72

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